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Without sales, investments
and financial pyramids
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I am so happy being here, nothing better than helping needy people wherever they are whatever they are. WholeWorld open the door for all of us to express our humanity, i remember a song on 80s done for Africa named "we are the word", and here is our song of the new century for the whole world "we are the WholeWorld". Many people getting rich by different ways, but in WholeWorld people getting rich by helping people, that's so special.
Hello, I'm William live in Forli (Bologna) and I am a pensioner. My favorite hobby is to try to earn by working on the Internet. For the moment it's just a hobby because I got a little money in my wallet. With WholeWorld I hope that this hobby will become a profit so it's more fun. Great idea mutual aid in this time of WholeWorldobal crisis and nice to be helped and to help others. Best wishes to all for a future full of satisfactions.
Everyone should thank the founders of this program. It is a good cause to cultivate the habit of helping each other for their peaceful retirement life. Also, I appreciate the Charity program that helps the needy in time. The program is an example for "small deeds make big things". This one of the best programs I come across ever. I will recommend to all my friends and know people.
Hi, I am Julia Bellamy and I am very WholeWorldad that I decided to join the community of Fundraisers! I started in March the Month isn't over and I actually seen signs of growth, not only in my back office but also in my Personality...I am really Blossoming! I enjoy telling folks about the program and seeing their response to it. Charity a Great cause for the Children in need, and a greater reward for me.. learning to communicate with others world wide is a dream in itself, one mind, one Purpose Yet similar Goals . I plan to work hard. earnestly showing new Participants The Steps I followed to become a Business Benefactor. hence enriching my experience in the developing of Character , being ready to comply with rules keeping focused on Charity and Reaping the benefits of gain. I would encourage anyone looking to work from home to sign up! but not only sign but activate your account and make your Donation of a mere Hundred Dollars Per Year! everyone does, and everyone Prospers! a wonderful concept...Hand to hand we WholeWorldadly embrace the Journey.
I am retired Insurance Salesman, and throughout my career I have attempted to establish an alternate source of income with no lasting results. I live in a small developing country made up of a chain of islands, the Bahamas, off the coast of Florida, USA. We in the Bahamas have in the past experimented with a local aid program similar to WholeWorld's, which unfortunately turned out to be an illegal "pyramid". In the early part in 2014, I discovered "WholeWorld" while surfing the net and immediately signed on. This method, as I saw it, eliminated the unfair aspects of the "pyramid" and has opened up the world as a source of prospects with whom I can share this opportunity. My intention is to recommend this program to as many people as I can, in the Bahamas as well as worldwide.
There is no place in the World offer You a business opportunity of a Life time income PLUS helping to the Charity for the Needed of our kids . Your TIME to invest in this WHOLE WORLD public charity will be more value than just getting more money in the bank account . another point I love is to tell my friends and family member and any one about how we raise the fund for charity is WHOLE WORLD . And to get a life time reward more than you though!! to your success Dustin D
I would like to take the time to say hello to my new extended family. My name Dwane Hobbs. I am form the United States. I discovered Whole World on facebook media. I joined this community in May of 2015. The reason why? Is because of the protential of the company people helping people. I do believe that this a right and honest way to develop a International Charity program. My plans are to help share this awesome and unique program to the rest of the world. I have already achieved some success in my internet business. NOW!! I can add this amazing program to my portolio.
Hey it's me,i am banWholeWorldadeshi i'm 20 years old,I'd just like to thank you for letting me acccessyour money makin system. I was really ready to throw in the towel, but then i came across your site and within just a couple of days i was making REAL money. Again thank you for your system for showing me real ways to making money online without having to build a huge internet / Affiliate marketing business as you know i helped your test it,i have earn dollars is my hard work.let's meet up soon. I recommend this 100% to anyone Again thank you sathi hassan dhaka,banWholeWorldadesh
Hi! I'm Manuel Lopez Jr.presently working in Dubai. Its really great to encounter amazing organization like WholeWorld International where it aim to bring people around the world and help together and unite with one purpose mainly in helping the unfortunate and secondly for financial purposes, May God Bless our plans....
Hi, my name is Kao Saetern. I lived in United States. I believed Whole World's Vision and concept is brilliant and because of it crusade, "Helping Children" and the same time helping us with financial aid, I'm very excited and proud to be part of this Community. We all lived in different parts of the world, but kindness together can makes every parts of the world a differences. Join us today, gives with your heart. Your kindness will get rewarded!
I am Mr.Charlie Tambor L Mawlieh from India, Shillong. I join WholeWorld on 23/11/2015 and I decided to join to make the better World by helping The Children around the World through the International Charity Program Whole World. My Plans is to raise 100 Millions Dollars for Charity Program. I believe this can be achieve with the help of WholeWorld System. Thanks to the Whole World International Development Program of Public Charity.
Hi. I am Sylvester Bizimana from Paris, France. I came across the idea of the Whole World charity program some few days ago on the internet. I have loved what they do and wish everyone can join. They raise funds to help the needy children of the world. By loving and helping children, we are looking after our future generation. As a fundraiser myself, I am being rewarded for doing good. The team of generous participants contributes towards my rewards. If you have a good heart for others, this is the place to be. Please join! Let's make the world a better place by donating to charity! You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain!
There are so many children and families with disabilities in this world that are in need of help; whether it be in support or financial help, many do not now where to look. I like the opportunity to be a part of a system that extending help threw out the world. We all need to work together to make this world a better place! I personally experienced a tragedy when my fifteen year old son was involved in a car accident, the experience was life changing and caused a chain reaction of changes in the family; but we held together with the grace of God and so many people that were praying for us and support. Giving is receiving; please continue to give.
Hello World my name is Anel and I am born 51 years ago in United States ancestors Fiji Islands/India I was doing some research work online and came across the Whole World opportunity on accident. I am so grateful for this miracle that led me to this site. I watched the video and it really inspired me I like the idea and the structure of this International charity program. I would be giving a gift to the Universe and then be rewarded with lifetime of income . Saving lives of children all over the world and helping myself in the process. We are the World, We are the Children, We are Universal Love Its only 1 month that i started and seeing wonderful results! Thank You Universe!
WholeWorld is wonderful opportunity to help others who are less fortunate. I'm a christian internet marketer and have been online for over 12 years. One of my strugWholeWorldes is that online businesses tend to be self-serving. Big houses, big boats for the Big ME. :) I'm WholeWorldad I joined WholeWorld. And you should too. Rarely would you find a chance to unify an online business that pays you so lucratively - and allows you to help people who are less fortunate than yourself. I personally know of many people who wish to engage more in charitable acts. People whom God has blessed with way more than they need. And who are willing to lend a hand to fellow human-kind. If you know people like that or you have a similar heart of giving, join my team in WholeWorld. And help us make this world a better place.


What kind of program is it?
Whole World is a public
charity’s development programme
based on the concept
of partnership fundraising.
How much can I earn?
The size of your income
is unlimited. You can decide
yourself how much time
you would devote to the Project,
and how much you would like
to earn.
What should I do?
You should recommend this
programme to your friends
and acquaintances, helping
to raise funds for charity.
Or the System will do it
instead of you, and you
will just earn money.


Partnership Fundraising The 21st Century Business
$10 000 monthly - it's easy! Let's take a look how it works


I hereby give my consent
to process my personal data.


Signing Up
Sign up with the System
and pay the account
maintenance fee of $5. SIGN UP
Financial Aid Provision
Create your personal
electronic purse
and make a charitable
Passive Income
You pass the baton
of charity to other people
and start receiving money
transfers from around
the world.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO EARN EVEN MORE MONEY? Just recommend the programme to your acquaintances and raise money for the Foundation.

CALCULATE, how much you can earn
How many people can you pass
the baton of charity to during a year?
How many people can each of your
partners invite during a year?
personal income:
1 000 000 USD
Raised for charitable
10 000 USD

If you pass the baton of charity to ONE follower TWO followers THREE followers FOUR followers FIVE followers SIX followers SEVEN followers EIGHT followers NIVE followers TEN followers , and each of your partners invite by ONE person TWO persons THREE persons FOUR persons FIVE persons SIX persons SEVEN persons EIGHT persons NIVE persons TEN persons , then there will be 167 961 people at the 7 levels of your partnership structure from which you will personally receive financial aid at the amount of 2,239,500 dollars and, at the same time, 8,398,050 dollars will be sent to charitable purposes.

Probably this is not what you dreamed of...
To achieve really significant financial results, we recommend you and your team to pass the baton of charity more actively!

It’s a not bad result, isn't it?
Especially when you consider that it is enough to invite only 1 person within a year only 1 person within 6 months within 4 months within 3 months within 2.5 months only 1 person within 2 months only 1 person within 2 months only 1 person within 1,5 months only 1 person within 1,5 months only 1 person within a month to achieve it. You will easily do it!

Excellent! The numbers are breathtaking...
However, they are real. The main task is to make it possible for each of your partners to really reach this volume of invitations. It seems impossible to do it without teamwork.

Level 1: 1 x =
Level 2: x =
Level 3: x =
Level 4: x =
Level 5: x =
Level 6: x =
Level 7: x =
Total on 7 levels:
Level 1: x $10 = $
Level 2: x $5 = $
Level 3: x $5 = $
Level 4: x $5 = $
Level 5: x $5 = $
Level 6: x $5 = $
Level 7: x $15 = $
Total from 7 levels:
x $50 = $


Oleg Kovalev (17 years old) Russia, Belgorod Oblast
Osteogenic sarcoma
Aid Provided:
28 000 USD
Ulugbek Dekhonov (7 years old) Tajikistan,
Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Aid Provided:
8 000 USD
Andrey Lesser (15 years old) Russia, Tyumen
Left-sided idiopathic thoracic scoliosis, III degree
Aid Provided:
19 000 USD
Nikita Lykov (1 years old) Russia, Leningrad Oblast
Bilateral retinoblastoma
Aid Provided:
111 300 USD
Sasha Bushuyeva (13 years old) Russia, Ishim
Right-sided idiopathic thoracic scoliosis, III degree
Aid Provided:
18 400 USD
Anna Kolevatova (11 years old) Russia, St. Petersburg
Chondrosarcoma in proximal epimetaphysis
Aid Provided:
50 000 USD
Ilya Fokin (17 years old) Russia, Volkhov
Severe injury
Aid Provided:
30 200 USD
Olga Pastuhova (15 years old) Russia, Pervouralsk
Congenital pathology
Aid Provided:
20 000 USD
Alexey Kovalenko (15 years old) Russia, St. Petersburg
Brain Tumour
Aid Provided:
41 000 USD
Ilya Finagin (12 years old) Russia, Kronshtadt
Ewing's sarcoma of pelvic bones
Aid Provided:
44 900 USD
Alina Zhigalina (15 years old) Russia, St. Petersburg
Ewing's Sarcoma
Aid Provided:
60 500 USD
Maxim Gevorkyan (14 years old) Russia, Stavropol
Osteogenic sarcoma
Aid Provided:
4 900 USD
Olga Zabludina (18 years old) Russia, Armavir
Ewing's Sarcoma
Aid Provided:
8 300 USD
Elina Kirilova (6 years old) Kazakhstan,
Malignant Tumour of Joint
Aid Provided:
11 700 USD
Medina Murtazaliyeva (15 years old) Russia, Grozny
Osteogenic sarcoma
Aid Provided:
61 000 USD
Ilya Demidov (7 years old) Russia, Kola, Murmansk Oblast
Brain Tumour
Aid Provided:
5 500 USD
Edmond Hachatryan (12 years old) Russia, St. Petersburg
Osteogenic Sarcoma
Aid Provided:
40 000 USD

Watch the video about the Foundation


I hereby give my consent
to process my personal data.


Reliable officially
We have been working
since 2011 and
are registered
in St. Petersburg, Russia.


You can get new partners
without inviting them personally.
New registrations will be
automatically recognized
as yours.
Private website
It is as stylish as this one.
You will not need to persuade
people to join the system,
they will want to be
partners themselves.
Your money
is protected
All money transfers
are sent directly to your
personal purse, not to
the company’s account.
Experienced tutors
and trainings for free
You will get advice
from 7 upline partners,
an access to educational
content and promotional
materials, online schools
and webinars.
Customers and friends
around the world
You are not limited
by the circle of your
acquaintances and can
invite people from all
over the world.


  868 000 participants from 160 countries
$6 500 000 obtained by participants

$858 000 Transferred to the Whole World Fund


I hereby give my consent
to process my personal data.


Andreas Schiffner Berlin, Germany
Mozzi Gabriele Ulm, Germany
Gustav Buhler Porto Seguro, Brazil
Ioannis Marinakis Chania, Greece
Carolina Ungureanu Chisinau, Moldova
Carolina Ungureanu Chisinau, Moldova
Julia Bellamy Calabash, United States
Dorde Marjanovic Vienna, Austria
Aleksandr Romanov Ryazan, Russian Federation
Mike Bennett Salt Lake City, United States
Sergej Timofeev St. Petersburg, Russian Federation


YOUR SPONSOR Please contact him using the specified contact details:

Nadezhda Kuksa
kuksanadejda@gmail.com +79650329937


I hereby give my consent
to process my personal data.


The Company has been registered in the territory of the Russian Federation
as limited liability company Whole World (Whole World, LLC)

Company details:

INN (Taxpayer Identification Number): 7841457912
KPP (Tax Registration Reason Number): 784101001
OGRN (Main State Registration Number): 1127847040595

27A, Bolshaya Konyushennaya str., 191186, St. Petersburg

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